The ERJ was developed specifically to achieve the right balance between frequency and capacity on regional routes. The ERJ airframe has proven to be robust and durable throughout its service lifetime.

In the cabin, each passenger has access to a window or aisle seat due to the three-abreast configuration. Passengers also enjoy class leading legroom, on par with the first-class offerings of major carriers on similar aircraft types.

Length 86 feet 5 inches
Wingspan 66 feet
Height 22 feet 2 inches
Cabin Height 6 feet
Cabin Width 6 feet 11 inches
Interior Configuration 30 seats at 36” pitch
Engines Rolls-Royce AE 3007A1
Speed M 0.78 (594 mph)
Service Ceiling 37,000ft
Highlights Seat Pitch: 36”

Jetstream 31/32

The British Aerospace Jetstream is a twin-turboprop airliner designed for regional operations.

The Jetstream boasts the efficiency of turbo prop aircraft while offering the passenger comforts and safety of an airliner. Our Jetstream 31 aircraft, while designed to seat 19 passengers, have been reduced to a 9-seat configuration with 60” seat pitch for maximum passenger comfort.

Length 47 feet
Wingspan 52 feet
Height 17 feet 6 inches
Cabin Height 5 feet 11 inches
Cabin Width 6 feet
Interior Configuration 9 seats at 60” pitch
Engines Garrett TPE 331-12
Speed 263 knots (303 mph)
Service Ceiling 25,000ft